Sajilo Remit

Sajilo Remit is a money transfer service that ensures to provide a secure way of sending money to Nepal.

Sajilo Remit assures to provide fast,easy and reliable remittance facility. We offer attractive exchange rate and two hours payment in Nepal* (Fees and restriction apply. Please visit our T&C page). More importantly, we believe in providing value and security to customers. Sajilo Remit definitely guarantees to be the best choice for sending money to your loves ones in Nepal.

The standard fee for an online money transfer is AU $10.

Sending options

Yes, you can send money online before AEST 5:00PM to our account. All you need to transfer money online is netbank facility. You can transfer funds simply by logging into your local internet banking service. Once your amount is available to our account, your receiver will be able to collect the money within 2 hours.

You can visit your local Suncorp branch to transfer the money you wish to send through us. Please keep your customer receipt for the verification.

Receiving options

  • Passport
  • Drivers licence
  • Citizenship card
  • Apart from these, you will need the sender’s name, transfer amount and the unique pin number

Track transaction

All you need is the sender’s name and the pin number. This number would be the same unique pin number you will be given after your transaction is received. Once your money transfer has been paid to the receiver, you will receive an email from us confirming about the payment. 

All money transfer made before AEST 4PM during the business days will be processed the following day. Friday’s transaction at any time will be processed on Monday.

Exchange rate

Please note that the exchange rates change frequently.

Transfer Fee

So what are you waiting for